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Metabolism Starter Pack


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In general, our meals are often centered around high-carbohydrate foods, making carb blockers and metabolism boosters particularly important. Taking carb blockers before a hearty meal can help to some extent in alleviating the impact of carbohydrate-rich dishes commonly enjoyed in daily life. ecSo C, containing Garcinia Cambogia and bitter melon extract, is renowned for its ability to block carbohydrate absorption, providing a proactive defense against excessive calorie intake.

Post-feast, ecSo M with ingredients like blood orange extract, curcumin extract, and L-carnitine tartrate, becomes crucial as metabolism boosters. These natural metabolism enhancers assist the body in efficiently processing the influx of calories, aiding digestion, and enhancing the metabolism of fats.

By strategically integrating both carb blockers - ecSo C and metabolism boosters - ecSo M, individuals can enjoy their daily meals without worrying about weight, freely indulge in gatherings without hesitation, and not fear weight gain after feasting.

Consume Direction:

1 sachet ecSo C daily before meal ;1 sachet ecSo M daily after meal


  1. Inhibit α-amylase and act as carbohydrate controller
  2. Reduce starch absorption
  3. Improve glucose metabolism
  4. Reduce liver fat accumulation
  5. Suppress appetite
  6. Activate Acyl-CoA Oxidase gene
  7. Act on adipocytes metabolism & differentiation, modulate the adipogenesis
  8. Boost the result of calorie restriction, improve the body composition by decreasing fat mass
  9. High content of anthocyanins to against fat accumulation
  10. Anti-inflammation
  11. Increase energy and regulate stress
  12. Increase oxygen supply to muscles and reduce muscle pain


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