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ecPlan B (Dark Chocolate)


Sold By: ECK HQ  


Meal replacement with patented prebiotic and probiotic

Main ingredients:

25 types vitamins and minerals, inulin, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086, isolated soy protein, 14 types multigrain, sunflower oil

Consume direction:

1-2 sachets daily, mix with 200ml to 250ml of room temperature water cold water. Suggest to mix with ecPlan F to increase the protein absorption

High in dietary fiber, high in protein, high in calcium, high in Magnesium, high in Zinc, high in Vitamin B12, high in Vitamin B6, contains prebiotic, source of folic acid, trans-fat free, cholesterol free.


  1. Balance and complete meal replacement
  2. Enhance protein absorption
  3. Provide 25 types of vitamins & minerals
  4. Provide anti-inflammatory properties
  5. Support gut health
  6. Reduce oxidative stress & inflammation

35g x 14 sachets